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Ability for disability – Capacidad a la discapacidad – Aim2Flourish

Matt.Manda2 is the initiative of a Colombian entrepreneur that is allowing the employment of people with a mobile disability condition, to provide messaging services in towing devices that adapt to their wheelchairs and allow them to travel long distances, being self-sufficient on your travels.

Problematic : There is a labor and social excluded population. The difficulty of this population in many cases is limited to mobility, however they are professionally excluded. Population that does not have the resources to have the mobility facilities in a wheelchair, trolleys adapted for their disability or other mechanisms or mobility devices.

«A business model where people are given the ability to buy their own towing device.» (Martín Londoño)

«We are using almost disqualified personnel to work and giving then autonomy and capacity to develop physical and intellectual activities that they would not have the opportunity to do in another setting and in turn generate income for this» (Martín Londoño)

Lee el artículo aquí.

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