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MATT: Mobility, Accessibility, Time and Work for people with disabilities – GN Diario

At GNDiario we direct our gaze to Bogotá (Colombia) to learn about Martín Londoño's entrepreneurial project. A citizen who, after a spectacular traffic accident at the age of 18, learned to live on a wheelchair. In 2020, an inclusive project called MATT (Mobility, Accessibility, Time and Work) began, job opportunities and income for people with reduced mobility through the creation of a vehicle for this group that facilitates their travel.

The situation in Medellin regarding the population with disabilities according to data from the Ministry of Health is not very hopeful, it is indicated that the census is of 58,000 people with physical and intellectual disabilities. It should be noted that it is the most populous city in Colombia with 2,508 million inhabitants.

For this reason, the ingenuity of this man from Antioquia showed that he has no limits and that his interest is to help this population with physical disabilities.

Read the article here.

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