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MATT, entrepreneurship that generates work for people with reduced mobility

Londoño created MATT (Mobility, Accessibility, Time and Work), an enterprise that develops income opportunities and jobs for people with reduced mobility.

MATT, a vehicle that is half wheelchair and half electric bicycle, fulfills the function of home deliveries, a social project that helps them generate income and is extremely ecological.

Given the lack of job opportunities for people with disabilities, the entrepreneur Martín Londoño founded MATT, which employs people in wheelchairs as delivery men.

The MATT company is located in the city of Medellin, in Colombia, and the wheelchairs of Londoño and its employees are motorized and can reach 30 kilometers per hour.

In this way, your employees can move around the city under the MATT system (Mobility, Accessibility, Time and Work) and not be excluded from the workplace.

It is certainly a great option for people with reduced mobility who need a source of income. MATT is revolutionizing job opportunities for people with disabilities.

Martin Londono, a young Colombian loses his job when he becomes disabled and creates a project to help others who are in the same condition.

This is Martín Londoño, a Colombian citizen who was left in a wheelchair after a tragic car accident, but his disability did not stop him from continuing to work, since he had the initiative to create an entrepreneurial plan to get ahead and help others who are in the same condition.

It was at the age of 18 when the young man suffered a serious injury in a traffic accident, which caused spinal damage that led to paraplegia.

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