Mattours, rolling towards a more inclusive tourism – Medellín Travel

Three wheels, one empathic heart and eager to visit some of the tourist sites in Medellin, is enough to be part of this inclusive tourism project: mattours.

The famous provence neighborhood in El Poblado is the starting point for an experience of inclusive tourism which, through MATT or wheelchair towing devices, allows all people to travel safely through several of the parks and Medellin tourist sites, At the same time, they can literally be put not in the shoes, but in the wheels of those with reduced mobility. 

It is for this reason that this experience is aimed not only at people who find it difficult to travel long stretches on foot, but at all those who want to get to know the city in a way that allows them to experience other realities first-hand, which Sometimes it is an invitation to be empathic with the other. 

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